Retraction  – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 30

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Hiya 🙂

The last day of NaPoWriMo has dawned again…*sniff*

I have really enjoyed it this year – a trip down memory lane with the prompts, and the humour that has brought up for me – thank you to Maureen Thorson at the site for twenty years of this community and for giving me a challenge that definitely gets me thinking every April!

This was our final prompt:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a palinode – a poem in which you retract a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem. For example, you might pick a poem you drafted earlier in the month and write a poem that contradicts or troubles it. This could be an interesting way to start working on a series of related poems. Alternatively, you could play around with the idea of a palinode by writing a poem in which the speaker says something like “I take it back” or otherwise abandons a prior position within the single poem.” [From here]


I looked back at some of my poetry from 2018 (my first NaPo ever) and came across this one about two brothers:

The younger brother in the above poem was grateful to his sibling, and looked up to him.  I then wondered how things would progress as they grew (now we’re six years down the line, and everything).


I take it back, Jake’s NOT my friend

He pokes and prods me with no end!

I used to love being his bro

He always had my back – no more!

He’ll tell you I’M annoying, but

I can’t do nuffin’, or he tuts!

Like High School’s cool and he’s the King

I work harder and everything!

He never lets me use his stuff

Or join his games – I’ve had enough!

I’ve a good mind to tell that Jo

he wants her phone number! And oh

the things I know! The dirt I keep!

Jake should be losing major sleep.

I swear to God I’m past my limit

One pic on Snapchat….

drop him in it…


And that’s a wrap, folks!! 30 poems written in a month (even if I didn’t always manage to get them up on my blog within the allotted days…) it always feels a bit weird when I leave April behind. 

Thank to to all those who have been on the journey with me this year, I’ve enjoyed your comments and encouragement, and of course the poetry I have read from other participants, as always 😊

Usually I write something here about hoping to be back on my blog in the next week etc – then somehow manage to toddle off into the sunset and only return for April poetry month again…so I’m not making any promises this year.  What I will say, however, is that I wrote a very ambitious plan for this year and writing (plus drawing) was definitely heavily featured for the darker months, so I’m optimistic 😉 I’ve also paid up this blog’s hosting etc until December 2024, so that’s also a good wee incentive!

Look after yourselves, keep doing what makes your heart happy, and I will endeavor to find my way back here before the year is out! (Subscribe to the blog if you want to be notified when I do wander past 😉)

Big hugs! Take care!


Monty X

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    Hi Monty,

    Please have a look at my cento which (again!) includes some of your lines. This time I took ALL the final lines of our Day 30 poems and made four centos. Thank you! Find it here:


  3. Montaffera Says:

    Fabulous canto, my lovely! Thank you x

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