Muggins – Day Five – #NaPoWriMo24

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Here we are on Day 5 of this year’s NaPo!

Maureen’s prompt said:

“Today, we’d like you to start by taking a look at Alicia Ostriker’s poem, The Blessing of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog.” Now try your hand at writing your own poem about how a pair or trio of very different things would perceive of a blessing or, alternatively, how these very different things would think of something else (luck, grief, happiness, etc).” [from here]


“A mug, you see’s,

Happiest when he

(Or she) is seen,

Treated carefully.


That rough machine

Just dulls my sheen –


Not kind to me:


My print gets worn,

My paint forlorn:


Stripped thoroughly.


I squeak and gleam –

But all that means…?


Is leaching ‘ME’!”


The woman nodded, stepping back,

She knew too well that cruel attack!

“Arundel tomb” she whispered, (thinking:

Larkin’s oft-viewed couple’s linking!)

Her own bones squeaked and creaked, were ‘weird’

From too much grinding in ‘their’ gears;

Attempted washing of her mind

Had dulled her pure, creative line.

Her ‘handle’, too, felt weak and wrest,

Escape seemed fantastic at best…


“I’m sorry” said she, to the mug,

“I shall not place you in that fug,

I shall not throw you in the dark

And close the door.  Machines embark

On sanitising all your quirks,

Making you feel like you held dirt

Inside your vessel.  So, indeed!

I will, from now on, pay more heed

To how I treat you, unique clay.

I’ve learned a lesson, here, today.”


The mug sighed deep,

A tear did seep,

But uttered he nary a peep;

Just gestured to the waiting kettle

So he and she could both then settle.


Maybe the above is not quite what the prompt asked for, but it was at least inspired by it 😉

My poem went through a few incarnations, and I always seem to have the poems I studied at school and Uni bubbling up.  The one I referred to today is here:

and it was Larkin’s “washing at their identity” line, and the idea that what others see or remember won’t necessarily be who you are/were (as it is (usually) not you who ultimately gets to tell your story) that made me include it.  I do think that Larkin’s conclusion is more upbeat than the way one may take the end of my poem, however!

But, dear reader, I’ll away – and leave this for posterity… 😉

Take care, and I’ll hopefully ‘see’ you back here tomorrow.


Monty X

[Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay]


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