Now and then I am going to set creative challenges to keep myself on my toes.  I would love it if you would participate in the comments for the relevant posts!

One I am really getting a lot out of at the moment is using an online word generator to conjure up nine words, which I then go on to use in a poem, short scenario, or even part of a piece that I will continue over the rest of the week (see under the ‘Longer Shorts‘ category).  The back story for this is described here and I also outline my rules…but I’ve fiddled with them since, so have put them below just for ease!

Compulsory ones I always stick to for Random Poetry:

1. Write the creative piece around the (screenshot) nine generated words within 15 mins to make the imagination sweat a bit and to discourage perfectionism. (I try not to look at the words until I’ve saved the screenshot, and then I set a timer when I’ve finished writing the words down at the top of my notebook page)

2. Write the piece using the order the words came up in on the generator. (More sweating…)

3. Circle each generated word as it is worked in, on the notepad, before the timer goes off so none are missed!

4. Leave the piece’s words alone after that, only line distribution and punctuation can be played with after the 15 mins are up, and before it is posted to this site.

[I use this formula for stories/short scenarios too, I just extend it to 20 mins]

Ones I do sometimes, cos it makes it harder:

  1. The 15 mins includes looking up definitions for unfamiliar words –  or websites to expand a thought I had!
  2. Use rhyme!

These are the random word generators I use:





Please join me in my posts, and let’s have some wordy fun!

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