The Processer Of Words – Day Two – #NaPoWriMo24

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Good Day to you!


The second prompt of the month has been posted on the NaPoWriMo site to whet my noodled noggin:

“Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a platonic love poem. In other words, a poem not about a romantic partner, but some other kind of love – your love for your sister, or a friend, or even your love for a really good Chicago deep dish pizza. The poem should be written directly to the object of your affections (like a letter is written to “you”), and should describe at least three memories of you engaging with that person/thing.”

There are so many people…but an item of software stood on the desk of my mind and flung its hand the highest…



An essay of three thousand words

starts with

a single forehead struck ‘gainst random keys.


Your cursoring can blink out whole thought-streams

ripe for the tweaking;

or freeze a hot love scene

indefinitely.a plethora of alphatbet beads: white beads with black letters


Wooooord, man!

How many nights have we wrapped ourselves in prayer,

and faced down a deadline –

as if hope alone

can skitter ‘cross the ‘board?


“Wrought writing: righting wrongs of the wright writer…”

(This wood pulp bends to thy print)


The whistles and grunts as you birthed dissertation reams,

The fun we’ve had…!

High-fiving each other as each Wonky 1k becomes shared history.

The way you’ve grown from bulky displays

to happily nestling in my trusting palm –

The overcast days you’ve been the only light in my eyes,

Beckoning forth my waning resolve.


You underlined my misspelt youth,

and continue to correct my courses to this day.

You hold the fonts to much knowledge,

and show affection writ large.


Yes, that’s correct: I know it has its annoying traits (as we all do) and its yearly fees are extortionate now, but I’ve had a fondness for Microsoft Word as a study/writing companion since Windows ’95 days 😉


How do you other writers out there organise your thoughts when you want to upgrade from the off-line scribblings, and make things more…legible?  Have you a different digital tool that you find works best for you?  Let me know in the comments!


Catch you tomorrow!


Monty X


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