Hello and welcome! 🙂

I write here under my pen-name, Montaffera.

I think about things a lot.

I often Google things that I think about.

If left to my own devices, I could probably use up at least three people’s Evernote quotas in an afternoon.

I buy books on lots of subjects, then feel regret when I can’t read them all at once and squash all the information into my already overloaded brain.  If I just read them in the right order, I’d be such a guru…I still like to expound on it all, regardless.

I am the stereotypical crafter: yarn and material stashed away for the comfy apocalypse.  Running around at the last minute, stressed (because I was up to a silly hour obsessing over a plastic eye sitting squint) after procrastinating for a month.

I love looking at magazines (this and this are my favourites just now) checking out the featured bios and blogs that interest me, dreaming about the day I can do something worthwhile with my creativity.

But it’s all just filling time, because what I should be doing is writing.

I need to write every day, or I feel weird.  So one day in 2016 I decided to challenge myself to write a daily poem and log it publically, here. 

(I then proceeded to ramble about the other stuff, write longer pieces too, participate in #Inktober and #NaPoWriMo, etc – but at least I had a writing mission)

Life frequently gets in the way, there are gaps in my content calendar (because I am a mum of two boys I like hanging out with, and posting every day is mega ambitious) but I do write much more than I used to, and get here to post said scribblings quite often (I used to average 26 posts a month, back when this blog was new, but I have fallen off the wagon…must get back on it!!).

I mostly follow self-imposed guidelines (which you can find here) in order to inspire myself, but frequently mix it up to keep myself on my toes.  I also have FaceBook and Twitter pages these days, so feel free to check them out, like/follow and chat to me 😀

If you like what you see, you can subscribe to this blog in the dedicated box on the menu to your right (or at the bottom if you are on a mobile) so you never miss when I pop up a post.

I’d be glad of your company, I’m just going to be making a tea anyway…

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Montaffera X

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