Hello again 😉

This page is just to ask you all to please be considerate of others while you’re here (or on Twitter, or the Facebook community page) and commenting, and also if you send me Private Messages on any platform.

I am not a complete prude, but I do moderate the comments; and I ask that everyone remembers their manners towards each other – even if people are discussing things you happen to have strong feelings about. We all exist in the ‘real world’, so hiding behind an avatar and making people upset is not on.

If I have to moderate a comment of yours, I will pop a note on it to say; and you are welcome to discuss it with me via Facebook Private Message.

I invite debate, I make my opinions known in my work and posts sometimes.  I may not share your views, but I respect that you have a right to hold them. If you air them in a respectful way, and can tolerate questions from others about them without lashing out, we will get along fine.

I try to back up my views with reasoned arguments, I say when I feel someone is being silly [in government, for example, in my native UK and abroad] and I voice concerns. This is my site, and so you get to read what I think a lot because it is inextricably linked to what I create!

I am not trying to shove opinions down anyone’s throat, we all have our own perspectives due to experiences we’ve had in life; and I usually can see things from both sides.  I may even explore that other side in a written piece – not every voice I create shares the same mindset as me…part of being a writer is trying to understand all facets of a story.

Oh, and if you hate something I’ve written, please try and be constructive with your criticism? I don’t expect you all to love (or even like!) everything I write, but it can be quite scary putting my scribblings out into the world every day (!) so I’d like to think my creative courage will be taken into consideration when you are commenting on my work 😉

Oh again: if you know me and my family offline, please stick to the conventions I have on here (and on the Facebook community page).  I don’t use hubby’s or the kids’ names as this is a public forum and I want to protect them a bit from my sometimes searingly honest posts.  They deserve a bit of privacy 😉 Thank you.

Ok, lecture over, as you were!  I look forward to nattering with you in the comments soon.

Montaffera x

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