Caw! Caw! Kafka! – Day Three – #NaPoWriMo24

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Hiya 😉


Day three of #NaPoWriMo24 already!

The prompt said…

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a surreal prose poem. For inspiration, check out Franz Kafka’s collection of short parables (my favorite is “The Green Dragon”).  [from here]

So, I wrote:

I watched a YouTube clip about a crow. A crow who had befriended a boy of about two. I was in duel minds, the poles divided between awe and bird-flu ‘risks’ (not to mention a sharp beak in eye sockets, or the sampling of succulent little digits, as if they were worms). Rambunctious toddler with a raucous Corvid, cawing and hopping, both looking happier than a fictitious Larry.

picture of a hooded crow

I soon started to smile.

The comments gave me other stories of crow companionship; crow-operation, if you will. My polarised mind started meeting once more, safe in the knowledge this new information would soon fall (in formation) into a conversation; accruing a crowing of my own.


I took my inspiration from the cuteness in this here short.

Caw-tch you guys later, for Day 4! 😉


Monty X

[Image by Angela from Pixabay]

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