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How are you all? 🙂

The link for today’s prompt on the NaPoWriMo site has my most seen lucky number in it! The number 412 follows me around and, according to the internet, it means my angels are watching over me and encouraging me to forge ahead with my dreams – and I’m to trust my instincts 😉 I have wanted to be a writer for 40 years now…sooo…!!

Speaking of weird facts:

“Our (optional) prompt for the day challenges you to write a poem in which you take your title or some language/ideas from The Strangest Things in the World. First published in 1958, the book gives shortish descriptions of odd natural phenomena, and is notable for both its author’s turn of phrase and intermittently dubious facts” [from:]

I scrolled down this curiosity, and read the part on ‘Frog Versatility’ that tells us about the different noises from,  and diversity of, Brazilian frogs. The below, sung to the tune of “Skip To My Loo”, popped into my head:


Frogs, frogs:

Swarming in a tree;

Frogs, frogs:frog sitting on a leaf, sheltered from the rain by another leaf

Singing to me;

Frogs, frogs:

Brazil’s cuties –

Like: Hy-la-bypunc-ta-ta



LOL, as they say!! (People that is, not frogs…though maybe we just haven’t discovered ‘lol frogs’ yet?!)

And ooooonwaaards to Day 5!


Monty X

[Image by 17128499 from Pixabay]


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