Like I should – Day Six – #NaPoWriMo24

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Good Evening 😉


The prompt for Day 6 resulted in me again poking at the idea of ‘identity’. I was nudged to:

“…write a poem rooted in “weird wisdom,” by which we mean something objectively odd that someone told you once, and that has stuck with you ever since” [from here]


“People who ask don’t get!” they said

To small (sweet-addict) me.

I fixed my eyes on them and tried

Some loud telepathy.


I soon found versions of that phrase

Would pile up at my door;

My label of ‘too much’ was borne

(I tried to suppress more…).


I smiled, and people-pleased a lot,

And hoped they’d understand

That I was worthy of the things

I secretly had planned.


I felt the sting when others weren’t

Mind-readers – but I tried

To stifle all beseeching and

Just keep my hopes inside.


Until I finally was DONE,

And started giving voice

To all my needs and wants alike

(Cos adults have that choice)


I take up space, I stand up proud,

Even when I’m afraid!

(I recognise my folly, back

When I longed for their praise).


Can any of my readers relate?!

Take care, and do come back and visit tomorrow 😉


Monty X

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