Cross Words (#NaPoWriMo Day 2)

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Hey there!

I have a second piece for #NaPoWriMo and it was put together before 9am!  All hail the power of the Easter holidays 😉

Today’s suggested theme was to explore voices within a poem.




I saw you!

[So did I!]

You hit her!

[Did her die?]

She was bleeding!

[Did she cry?]

Why’d you do it?!

[Yeah Jake – why?]


I was angry

[Was you red?]

So I punched her.

[On her head?]

She deserved it

[What she said…?!]

I’m not sorry!!

[Uh-oh…! Bed…!]



[Don’t tell dad…!]



[Jakey’s sad]


Less of the CHEEK!

[He not bad]



[He dust got mad…]


Mumma! Mumma…?

Jake my fwend:

That girl was

Hurting me AGAIN!

You no see her –

Her too quick –

But Jakey knewed her

Thw-owed that bwick.


Her taked my doose cup, too

(‘n’ said Jakey smelled o’ POO)

Her didn’t not give BACK my dwink

So Jakey PUNCH-ed her, I fink…


Is that true, Jake…?

[Tell on Jo!]


Yeah…she’s stupid.

[Way to go!]



Can’t think where this poem came from…


*Hears raised voices through the playroom door for the umpteeth time this morning*


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