The Donkey of Self Doubt – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 27

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How Do?!

Another backdated beauty for Day 27, I’m afraid: this April is the fullest month! (Hang on…that’s almost poetic…)

So this is what I had to work with:

“Today, begin by reading Bernadette Mayer’s poem “The Lobelias of Fear.” Now write your own poem titled “The ________ of ________,” where the first blank is a very particular kind of plant or animal, and the second blank is an abstract noun. The poem should contain at least one simile that plays on double meanings or otherwise doesn’t quite make “sense,” and describe things or beings from very different times or places as co-existing in the same space.” [from here]

I conveniently wrote the title to this in the process of messing around with all the complex prompt-stipulations for my poem for Day 8 😉 I may have borrowed a few other things from that poem, too…

The Donkey of Self-Doubt,
brays from across the wibbly water
and dares the rabbit
to stop chasing himself,
and hop towards her.
But Susan knows Mr Bunny’s secrets…

Like a horcrux
hoping not to be slain,
Susan does hee-haw
to tempt bravery after that.
It does not behoove her
to play fair;
her subtle plague starts
as if she cares,
asking him questions about his health,
letting him rabbit on –
reminding himself how weak he is.
(Her insincere appraisal of his soliloquy
driving those bolts through his neck)

Prometheus sighs and watches his fire
exit the eyes.
Somewhere an eagle clicks his beak
in anticipation.

And Susan,
satisfied no swimming
will be accomplished today,
gives her big donkey grin
and makes sure to graze
on the greener pasture
by the water’s edge.

Weird enough for ya?! 

See you back here soon…


Monty X

[Photo by Ansgar Scheffold on Unsplash]

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2 Responses to “The Donkey of Self Doubt – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 27”

  1. Jacquelyn Markham Says:

    Absolutely love the humor and fun in this blank as blank poem, Monty–Donkey of Self-Doubt. Brilliant!
    Jacquelyn ~

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww thanks! It’s hard thinking of a donkey as the villain, but poetic needs must 😜

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