On An Old Friend– #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 29

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For Day 29 I had to turn my thoughts to the treat cupboard:

“Start by reading Alberto Rios’s poem “Perfect for Any Occasion.” Now, write your own two-part poem that focuses on a food or type of meal. At some point in the poem, describe the food or meal as if it were a specific kind of person. Give the food/meal at least one line of spoken dialogue.” [From here]



The late Choco and I were friends with the best secrets.

He would share himself with me

more than I’d known before,

celebrate and commiserate in equal measure –

would show up unannounced sometimes,

just to twirl me up inside

and give me a boost.


My friends loved him too, and he was generous with his attentions,

but he and I had an understanding that

I was the one he lived with the most.



Life moved on, and we accepted that

we became different people,

met different people…

“A bit of time out will do us good, ripple into the rest of our lives, keep things interesting”

He’d whisper into my hair.

I knew those girls were younger,

their bodies able to revel all night like him –

but I still craved his scent

in my weaker moments.


Now, galaxies apart,  it’s becoming easier to evade his ghost.

No man’s sugar

is worth flaking on life for.


I’m obviously not bitter at all about giving up all brown chocolate, then…

How many referrals to different types of chocolate bar did you spot?! It will be easier for those in the UK, admittedly, but to give everyone an equal footing, I’ll leave these links for you 😉

Here, here, here annnnd here!

Pop in the comments how many you think are there and I’ll let you know if you’ve found them all! 

Monty X

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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    You have such fun names for chocolate there!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Pretty yummy, too! X

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