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Hello out there…!

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This was one of my fast-forming poems,  as I didn’t have to look any of the words up, and didn’t have any of the frantic moments from yesterday.  Indeed, I managed to still have 8 minutes and 16 seconds left on the timer after I had written it, checked it and counted up syllables! 

The boys were again on a break from school/nursery today, and they started to squabble over toys just as I wrote the last generated word at the top of my page.  That might have been a contributing factor in the following…



Destroy  Brother  Guarded  Price  Violent  Dapper   Complete   Expert  Instinctive

You could destroy your brother

And remain guarded.

But at what price?


You could engage

In some violent exchange;

And still remain dapper.


For their complete annihilation,

At your expert hand,

Is just you being instinctive.


It was their fault for thinking

They had the firepower!

To apportion blame is fake news.



If we look at it from the child perspective, there is the idea that our 6 year old will always…um…trump his 3 year old sibling in both physical strength and hurtful words.  Then, when mum intervenes and tries to get to the bottom of the situation, he has been known to tell half-truths and/or accuse mum of lying.

From another perspective, there is this. 😛

What poem would you have written with these words? 



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