Yawl At Sea

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How do?!

It’s my mum’s birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM 😉

I was amazed when I read the first word of today’s little lot – ‘Skippy’ is the name of our eldest’s favourite toy that he’s had

From Jimpix.co.uk

since he was tiny!! 

So I had to incorporate this somehow…and ended up writing about a bedtime story (which can have anything in it, let’s be honest).

I had to look up ‘torpid and ‘yawl’, and then got the idea that the latter was like a bigger boat’s  lifeboat, but have since learned that is not quite the case. But no matter, the poem is what it is 😉






Skippy   Storm   Torpid   Henry   Change   Successful   Grammar   Dressed   Yawl

 As my eldest held his toy dog Skippy

In bed, the way he’d done since babyhood;

I told of a storm that raged

Upon a fated day at sea.


Although raised from their beds

The sailors had no time for torpid

Like in a Henry Moore carving

The wind had wrought short shrift.


My eldest’s eyes grew large

As I spun my tale;

Finally making the battling sailors’ luck change –

Become successful against the elements.


The excitement having shocked

The grammar from his lips,

My eldest lisped:

“I want those mans in a boat with me!”


As he dressed in his PJs,

He continued to expound upon

The men and their bravery –

To stay and not escape in their yawl

Seemed thrilling madness to him.


Purple, purple, evvverywhere…

I am not sure why our boy was in his bed before he changed into his PJs in the poem, but pffft!  (When I read it to my mum and made that point, she said “sometimes kids do strange things”, and that is very true).

I briefly thought of making one of the crew members have a nickname of ‘torpid Henry’ but that didn’t seem to sit well with how a sailor would speak.  I quickly googled whether Henry the Eighth had been in a storm, and the carving popped up.  Good thing ‘Henry’ was a popular name!

Later in the day, I looked up ‘yawl’ again and found this – if only I had that information before, the poem might have had a different story!

What scene did you think of when you read the words for the first time?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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