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From Randomlists (yes, I messed up, and used it twice in a row! Ooops!)

I was sitting in front of the tablet, again with a fledgling crochet project in hand, and I happened upon a Brendon Burchard YouTube video I had never seen before.  I actually watched it twice, and checked the date on it, because it was really voicing something I have been mulling over since about Thursday!  It is an old video of his (December 2012) so I think it was just synchronicity at work 😉

He posits that limiting beliefs are not what are holding you back, it’s you choosing to FOCUS on them that’s doing the damage.  It’s worth a watch, and rings so true for me after 5 days flying solo (three of them were school days) and having repeatedly got where I needed to be, kept the house tidy, the blog up to date, tummies full etc etc etc.  I am pretty awesome when I choose to believe it 😀


X-ray  Quickest  Phone  Wacky  Stream  Lewd  Boorish  Ocean  Ahead


Brendon had spoken,

Reached through the screen

With his shrewd x-ray

And picked the quickest way

To spear me to the spot.

(He used my phone)


Usually a little wacky,

He seemed a lot more serious this time:

Fired up, yes – but a little angry, too?

His usual: focussed, stream-of-consciousness style

Hammering home his points

Telling me I was better than this.


I don’t have to listen to

Every lewd (!) or boorish thing my thoughts say

(In fact, in polite society, I don’t repeat them;

So why can’t I censor what I tell myself?!)

Why drown in an ocean of negativity

When the way ahead could be JOYOUS?!


Ok, so I fudged the truth a little in the poem, but the tablet is just like a big phone, isn’t it…? 😛



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