Wrapped Up In Hours

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Hey 🙂


Today’s journal prompt touched on my tendency to procrastinate. 

This led to thoughts of hesitation, which in turn became:


When I look at each day

And I try to relay

All the hopelessness wrapped up in hours,

You tell me how I

Have no right to reply

In this manner: come across a coward.


A woman on the train tracks in the dark, with a lantern

It is true that I’m blessed –

I feel guilty and stressed

That I’m coping this badly, so please:

Don’t scoff or roll eyes

At my anguished cries,

Drowning out on society’s seize. 


Just having a brain

Doesn’t mean I refrain

From being unequipped, and dumb.

What comes out of my mouth

Can show a ‘logic drowth’;

But I won’t just dry up/cut and run…



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[I am currently journaling (and writing poems) around prompts from The Year Of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts For Creative Self Discovery by Hannah Braime – Kindle ASIN: B076Z6Y5L9]


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2 Responses to “Wrapped Up In Hours”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Not the slightest bit unequipped and dumb and you have successfully built up a whole body of work on varied themes.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Ahhh the veil of creative endeavour 😉 X

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