Woodwalk and Promise

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Youngest was very excited to have Daddy to go on his woodwalk with him today!  I had arranged to meet a friend and go for a café chat, but I must admit part of me missed getting to watch all the outdoor frolics of the nursery kids.  Youngest does behave better without me there, however 😉

All the ‘walkers’ gathered in the nursery, and the kids paired up as they usually do. Youngest’s girl pal took his hand today, and hubby walked beside them as the long line of kids made their way to the park.

Once there, Youngest’s keyworker said she would close her eyes and count to ten, and the kids were all to go and hide. Youngest hid on his own, behind a big tree, but was eventually found by the others.  I love that he does this, he always tries in little ways to forge his own path!

You may have to zoom in to make out the brown bear with his head at the foot of the standing sticks, he is well camoflaged!

The group were then split into 4 parties. The orange group, led by Youngest’s keyworker, headed off and found an area with some trees. (Hubby was joined by two other parent helpers at this point). The keyworker handed out little animal figurines and told the boys and girls to find a house for the toys. Youngest, by this stage, had teamed up with the boy he usually chums on his walks.

Youngest chose a little brown bear, and his partner chose an owl. They decided that the owl and bear were friends, and they made their homes together at the base of a big tree. Youngest put the bear on a leaf for his bed and then covered him up with another leaf. All very cosy until he put a big stick across the bear’s head! Both Youngest and his pal thought this was hilarious! Their keyworker suggested that sticks could be used instead to make a tent, so the boys obligingly stacked some against the tree trunk…


Then came snack time. The kids sat down on a waterproof sheet, hands were cleaned, then the food appeared. Biscuits, bananas and grapes were doled out, plus some hot diluting orange.

Youngest’s girl pal, whom he’d started the walk with, had been sitting beside him and his usual partner, but she decided to vacate to the other side of the sheet when she saw a wriggly worm! The keyworker also found a small slug had been trying to climb into the bag that the group had been using for their rubbish. When the keyworker tried to remove the slug, it fell – she said it had probably fallen onto her jacket which was on the ground. The kids thought that was pretty funny…

After snack, it was time to find a place to climb. Youngest and his two friends apparently did some amazing climbing on some low trees. My mummy insides felt a bit strange when hubby said that, but Youngest’s eyes lit up when he told me about it, so I’m glad he had fun and was careful 😉

Once combined again, the whole woodwalk group played with a ‘parachute’.  The kids all held onto it and wiggled it up and down. Youngest’s keyworker called out attributes, and if someone had the one she picked (blue jacket, curly hair, etc) they could go under the sheet.

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Everyone then headed back to the nursery. Youngest’s girl pal had taken his hand again, and they had both picked buttercups and daisies. Youngest’s usual boy partner wanted to hold Youngest’s other hand, but was refused; so the boy was a bit cross and upset. He took a buttercup from Youngest and stood on it, which made Youngest angry (the keyworker dealt with the situation). A second boy watched this exchange, put down the parachute, went and picked another flower, and presented it to Youngest! Four-year-old interactions are incredibly sweet, I am touched that there is such a depth of feeling for my boy at nursery!


Today’s generated words made me think of the Manchester concert attack’s continued coverage.  There are reports that some of those who were missing are now confirmed to have died.  I can’t begin to imagine how that news must feel to the parents and others; having to abandon praying that their loved ones would be found safe in order to somehow make sense of the new information.  Absolutely heartbreaking.



Tolerant  Sacred  Promise  Officer  Area  Extent  Ban  Reservoir  Retailer


They are not tolerant

Nor weak;

They just hold sacred

The memories.


Each shares a promise

To honour their dead,

Hold each other;

Trust in each officer

Guarding the area.


As the extent

Of the tragedy

Still ripples;

No ban upon minorities,

Or harbouring a reservoir of hate

Will fix this.


Every flower retailer

Witnessed pure grief;

But also a coming together.


Youngest ran around with yet another pal in the ‘mugga’ part of the playground after his nursery session, while Hubby and I looked on and chatted to other parents (I had caught the bus back from town with my friend, just in time to meet the walking party returning). Youngest even got to ride on a bike without stabilisers, and got the hang of pedals! Daddy didn’t let him go, however, so he will still need four wheels for his bike at home!

Youngest has also recently learned how to unbuckle his car seat, and get around the child lock on his side of the car as soon as we stop at home; so I am a little worried he is piecing together some elaborate escape plan.  We will have to be careful not to leave the garage key within his reach so he can’t grab some wheels and suddenly abscond…

Youngest had a short nap before we went to collect Eldest and, after sleepy-cuddling Daddy from the car to the school, he was loving the freedom to run about in the playground with the pair of footballs my mum got the boys for their birthdays.  Daddy had the whole day off, so we had promised Eldest that he’d be able to have a kickabout with his mates and Daddy after school.  It was so nice to see them getting to do this again, because it is always a bit of a minefield gauging how much time is just right to stay when we have to walk allll the way back…

We had a Skype session at 4.15pm with Grandma and Papa, too, and the boys were chatting about their day and the upcoming school concert and trips.  It was burger and chips for dinner, then Eldest read to Youngest and Daddy from his school book about the weather, and I think they all learned something!

The boys are currently in bed sound asleep.  Hubby is shattered and I am yawning away myself.  It has been such a lovely day! Hubby and I are so lucky that we get to spend so much time with our boys.  It is wonderful watching their faces light up when we say that we are going to be able to attend the such-and-such event or can kick the ball about with them for a bit in the afternoon.  I love that they want us to be with them so often, even if sometimes their nonsense and irreverence drives me bonkers 😉 they are such fascinating little men, and they make me feel so proud and special when they smile at me and show they are enjoying my company.

These are the moments that make life worthwhile 🙂



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