Woke Up Buzzing – Day Thirteen – #NaPoWriMo21

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Hiya 😊

How are you all?

I had a rude awakening this morning, with a massive bee somehow having got into the house!  It was making a LOT of noise and luckily it was just outside our bedroom door on one of our landing’s lampshades, and not in the room with me, as I had first thought.  I woke hubby rather abruptly and made sure the boys’ room doors were tightly closed, then coached from the sidelines while hubby caught the bee in the jar I had provided.  The bee was NOT in a good mood, but conveniently landed on the stairs for a breather so (she?) was able to be scooped up unhurt.  Hubby says it gladly flew away when he opened the jar outside!

All our windows were closed overnight as it was a bit chilly, so I take it the bee had been kipping over somewhere in the house?! Bit too much excitement for 6.15am, I feel.

Anyway, on to the prompt:

write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.


This was my response:



Thanks to ‘wonder-plant’ of bliss

that can be grown anywhere

(despite it once being deemed ‘rare’).

A tincture of the special leaves

rejuvenates and, one soon sees,

symptoms desist and health restore;

terminal patients sick no more.

It’s thought this feted foliage

works on cancers at any stage,

an outcome more than could be hoped

in science before, and has provoked

a flurry of experiments

and joy at this turn of events.


I tried to pop a text box around it, but my formatting is being silly!

It’s lunchtime again here (I wrote my poem after the bee incident, then lay down for a bit while the kids snoozed on…) so I’m going to have to hurry up and post this, as usual 😉  I have promised both boys I’ll go for separate wee wanders with them after lunch as there is yet more glorious sunshine today!

I hope you enjoy yourselves whatever you get up to, and I’ll meet you here for day 14.

Take care,


Monty X

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