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Good Evening!

From JIMPIX!!!!

I wrote today’s words down in utter disbelief. 

What the actual fluff?!

I didn’t know what Facies or Peffery or Lliedi meant; and Exeter seemed a little far from the Niagara Falls to tie in…! It was only my determination not to be undone by the Jimpix curse that stopped me from refreshing the selection (and honesty, of course).

I was rewarded, as it turned out. 

If you follow the links on the orange words above, you will see that we have a word that describes rocks, followed by the names of three rivers, and then mighty waterfalls.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a common thread

So I set my timer and got to work…


Gable  Facies  William  Peffery  Lliedi  Exeter  Potter  Niagara  Lies


Under the gable

Was stacked full:

A mountain

With interesting facies.


William pulled out one box

Then another

Surveyed his collection

Of river-smoothed stones.


“This from the Peffery,

This from the Lliedi”

He chanted to himself;

While rocking a bit.


From New Hampshire relations,

Some Exeter pebbles.

This potter-fest unearthed

All manner of things.


He looks back on postcards

Depicting falls of Niagara,

Flicks through weighty tomes and

Lies down in the dust.


Notebook scribbles

Hurrah!  I felt flipping marvellous after writing that! 

Our kids were ready for bed and yet were running amok while I scribbled, but still, I made a poem!

How do you see ‘William’?  What age do you think he is?  I was a bit torn between seeing him as a very focused tweenager that people indulged by collecting stones for him; or an eccentric old man who is obsessed with his collection.

I am reading the 7th Famous Five to the kids, and there is a guy in that who collects insects – so I wonder if that’s where William has come from?!

Do you know any focused and avid collectors?  Have you any treasures squirrelled away that are taking over your loft?


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Very ingenious and rather hilarious!

  2. Montaffera Says:


    Thank goodness for the internet 😉

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