Will I Dye, Doc? – #NaPoWriMo19 – 8

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Hiya 🙂


Today’s Glo/NaPoWriMo prompt was to incorporate slang from the world of work into a poem.  So I complied:


Went to my family doctor, see?

Acute pneumoencephalopathy

It’s quite rare, and a tragedy

(Not catching though, apparently)

Something to do with this blonde dye

Having seeped in through my left eye

And messed about inside my brain…?


There’s a chance we won’t speak again



So: hopefully I will be back tomorrow?! 😛

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2 Responses to “Will I Dye, Doc? – #NaPoWriMo19 – 8”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Very, very good, *Monty. Pithy, amusing and challenging ( I had to look up the meaning of ‘acute pneumoencephalopathy’), then laughed out loud. And the title is brilliant.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    😀 Thank you Jane, I had fun writing this post!

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