Why…? – #NaPoWriMo22 – Day 18

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“Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered.” [From: Day Eighteen (napowrimo.net)]

I am asked a specific question a lot in my role as mum and homemaker and general nostalgic/romantic/sentimental peep, so that is the one I chose.



It’s part of me,

Part of the before-yous,

It knows that after here

The plot lines started being rewritten

By all the not-me characters.

It’s original, and curling in on itself,

The way I should have done.

It’s a beacon,

It’s an anchor,

It’s worth more than its sum.



We’ve all sat on an older knee

With patterned cloth we still can see

Inside our cosiest of dreams;

And sang a favoured song, or three.

A childhood sense of peace and glee

Is found in traditions, for me.



Hello children

Please do tell

The news of yonder

Hill and dell;

Delight me with your warm embraces,

Funny lines and shiny faces

Fill my head with grit and glory,

My ears are yours for thrilling stories!

Never will you be this young

And I am aging faster,

So let me wrap you in my arms

And tend your wounds with plasters.


See here, the faint whiff of memory clings

To the curly letters of my name.

I will never receive new samples

Of this particular swirl

Upon my sunny doormat.

Will never again prompt those postal hugs

By saying something slightly melancholy

Down a phone attached to a wall.



You’re walking,

Or changing the radio station,

Or just rolling your eyes

At the ‘neediness’

And refusing to turn.

But I’m still up here, waving,

Til your back,

Or the car,

Is well out of sight.

I love you 😊


This morning was very special because Youngest came in to see me after his breakfast just before 9am (Hubby had just got up, I had gone to bed very late and was awake but still in that lazy frame of mind) then snuggled in beside me, gave me a big cuddle and promptly fell asleep!  Well, this rarely happens these days with the boys getting older and usually having a fuller agenda, so I got comfy and went back to sleep, too!  It was a lovely way to mark the last day of the Easter holidays 🙂 

I hope you’ve all had a fab Easter weekend, and I’ll be back here tomorrow for Day 19!


Monty X

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