Whoa Nelly – #inktober2019 – Day 24

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Hey there 🙂

We are on Day 24 of Inktober, and the buzz word is “dizzy”.

I knew that I wanted the conventional ‘stars around the head’ to be present (though I draw pretty pitiful ones) but once I had drawn a head and the appropriate dashes etc there seemed to be quite a bit of empty paper left.  It then hit me that the woman could be dizzy from drink and so the bottle was put in…then I remembered about the concept of pink elephants, so got a reference from here and had a bash:

I soon decided I needed another elephant for the other side, the first elephant should be on her shoulder, and maybe there should be some music in the last free corner:

I inked the elephants and the woman’s features in the XS PITT pen, and went up a size or two for outlining the bottle and other aspects of the piece, again going for the ‘bring forward’ or ‘recede’ effect I wanted:

After that, I mixed up a light pinky-grey on my palette and coloured the elephants.  I also gave the lady lovely red hair, ringed with (soon to be) mid-yellow stars:

The lady’s skin and the background are done in pencil, but the rest is watercolour.  I went for a green background to stick to the ‘grog-gy’ feeling I was trying to get across.  I gave the elephants another quick going over with the fineliner, and that was that!

I swithered with keeping the elephants the misty way they looked when I had painted over them, for the more authenic “hallucination” style…still not sure I should have re-inked them, but hey-ho.

Have you been drawing recently?  Hop into the comments and let me seeeee 😉



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