Who You Calling Punk? – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 15

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Hiya 🙂

“Begin by reading June Jordan’s “Notes on the Peanut.” Now, think of a person – real or imagined – who has been held out to you as an example of how to be of live, but who you have always had doubts about. Write a poem that exaggerates the supposedly admirable qualities of the person in a way that exposes your doubts.” Said Maureen Thorson on the NaPo site for Day 15.

I was listening to punk rock on a random Spotify playlist last night, and wrote the poem before lunchtime (though only posting now) so I wrote to a beat in my head and ended up with a kind of ‘chorusy’ repeating bit, too 😉 I keep hearing the tune (an amalgamation of the ones I was listening to) when I read it, so I’m not sure if it works as a ‘proper’ poem, but meh *shrugs*.


I leap out of bed on the first ring

(Can’t sleep past 6 for anything)

Minimal home, yeah I can’t wait

To find ten more things I can donate


“Messy home, messy mind,

Messy life all the time”

How can anyone be

Any diff’rent to me?


All of our meals from our pantry

Always on top of the laundry

Clipping coupons, strict planning

Vegetable gardens and canning


“Messy home, messy mind,

Messy life all the time”,

Why can’t everyone see

That they’re being lazy?


Home schooled kids often out playing

Set times for reading and praying

Chores evenly spread among the

Bright, polite kids – they’re happy. 


“Messy home, messy mind

Messy life all the time!!”

How can anyone be

Tot’lly diff’rent to me?


I flog a course now, I’ll help you

Discipline yourself, break through:

I’ll send the ad to your email –

“400 dollars! You won’t fail!”


“Messy home, messy mind

Messy life all the time!!”


You’re tot’lly diff’rent to me

So just live ‘n’ let be 😉


So that’s the halfway mark zipped past!  Hopefully I’ll keep my steam going for the next 15 days…meet you back here tomorrow! 


Monty X


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