What’s My Name…?! – #inktober2019 – Day 8

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I have had some lovely comments both on and offline for Day 7’s mushroom picture, so thanks again for that 🙂 It always makes me beam when people take the time to give me feedback on my work!

The prompt for Day 8 was “frailty”, and I asked Hubby what he thought I should draw (with the caveat that it needed to be a faster project than Day 7’s!). Hubby thought for a bit, then quoted a line from Hamlet: “Frailty, thy name is woman”.

So that got this creative/a tad feminist brain whirring!

I sketched my idea out in pencil first, but kept altering the vision – ending up with ghoulish “imprints of children past” all over my piece…

So I got a sheet of our printer paper, cut a quarter off it, and used it to trace my original, and construct a better version:

I am aware that the young girl has a weirdly shaped head, but one gets the general idea. I’m still learning here, after all. I just needed the image of her being strong willed, and her ‘hanging off’ her mother, to work! 😉

I’d stopped after the pencil stage, and gone to paint something random as I couldn’t mess up my creative streak of painting every day (!!). I’d decided it would be easier to use my coloured pencils for my Inktober piece as the paper wouldn’t take watercolour well. Plus it was getting late again, my eyes were crossing, and the pencils were right there on my beside table…

(Yes the painted doodle may seem a bit pointless, but everything teaches me something)

So, anyway, this is my final piece:

I mean: would YOU mess with her?!

Hubby approved (!) and in my book (literally…!) Day 8’s prompt has been answered 😛

I’ll catch you in Day 9’s adventures!

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