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Hey there!

Today’s Textfixer words seemed rather appropriate! It was a little alarming to hear the rhetoric being bandied about on the news, as I went out to collect Youngest earlier…


Drowned  Fumbling  American  Bullet  Desire  Hug  Honey  West  Whale


And we watched them

As they drowned in their own egos,

Fumbling with the lives of millions:

An American gaslighter

Veering close to North Korean rocket fuel.

Page is from “Fold Out, Find Out: The Blue Whale” by Philip Steele


We wondered:

What bullet would we be biting next?

Whether each man’s desire

To be seen as great

Could have been cowed before this –


Can some political ‘hug’,

Or a sweetened deal,

Be enough honey to make

Someone friendly towards the West?


Scratch talk of elephants:

At every meeting,

From now on in,

There’ll be a freaking WHALE

Lolling in the background…



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I like it – very much up to the point

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks! x

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