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These are yesterday’s leftover kubes:


leftovers from yesterday


The way I’d set them out made me think of the #MeToo  movement, so I wrote with all those harrowing stories in mind.





Finally  Overlook   Flesh   Etc.  Slimy  You  Biting  In  Here  Pool  Trunk


I wish

I could finally ‘overlook’

Your flesh fetish:

The way you stared

At parts of women

Not covered by cloth.


It made me curl

My toes in silent protest;

Pushed buttons

Soon to be set to detonate.


The casual misogyny:

A wink

A guffaw, snort, etc.

That dismissed how I felt…


Some slimy serpent:

You coiled around my thoughts,

Biting at my confidence.

The poison slowly seeped in

Circulating my system

Each day.


It took too long to get here – 

To see you drown

In the cesspool you formed:


The lives you ruined


From the trunk of your soul.





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