Watching Them Shoal

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Hi 🙂

IJimpix offering for 20.10.17t’s a Jimpix day, and I faffed about with the meanings of the words, as is my licenced wont 😉 I even threw in a bit of alliteration.  Shocker!

If you read the links for the words, my poem might make a bit more sense – and my play may be revealed.  But there are no guarantees 😛







Bug   Shoal   Homesick   Saffron    Oxygen   Luff   Walnut   Plutonic   Vibrant


It never fails to bug me,

Watching them shoal.


My homesick heart hurts,

Stigma stains me saffron.


Oxygen ousted,

They luff me

And my sails deflate.


(Not bad for a walnut,

Rattling in a void)


No solid plutonic relationship

Can form with this girl –

Her volcano’s still vibrant.

(So don’t be intrusive)




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