Wands and Swirls (#NaPoWriMo Day 8)

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I wrote the below with a prompt to fashion a poem in which mysterious and magical things occur.


With sticky wands aloft

They frolicked into rooms

Festooned with battle scenes.


Plastic limbs tussled

Against hopelessly huge ones of fluff,

(No-one was injured.

Though some grimaces were fixed,

They seemed ironic in that light)


We tidied and shoved,

Cleared the floor with sweeps of strength;

Put paid to careful tactics

Any warrior had planned.


Teddy sentinels stationed,

Construction began –

We used the ‘best kind’ of bricks

To protect the Slither Snakes

From angry bird-breath.

 kids' block structure

Then the glue sticks were brandished once more –

Implements tested

For colour fastness –

And the sacred swirls

Produced by expert hands

For the mighty shields

(Cut by the blades of destiny)


The order of things,

Relayed by our blonde-haired general,

Executed by four pen-streaked hands.


The high photographer

Captured dragon flight:

A foe no snake expected.



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