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It was an easy set of words to write around today šŸ˜‰

As I have mentioned before, our boys love to pretend they are serving in a cafĆ©.Ā  They also love visitingĀ such establishmentsĀ in real life, especially if there is good cake on the menu!Ā  I canā€™t think where they got that trait fromā€¦







TrenchĀ  EnsureĀ  VerdictĀ  CustomerĀ  WaiterĀ  ReferenceĀ  DribbleĀ  PresenceĀ  Adventure


He popped up from the trench

Heā€™d constructed from cushions,

To ensure I did not forget

August last year

My promised game.

I dutifully gave my verdict

On how well the walls were holding,

Then became his first customer

As he morphed into ā€˜Waiterā€™.


(I am not sure who gave their reference

In support of this manā€™s prowess,

Because while I was there he fumbled fish

And went on to dribble milkā€¦)


In my boyā€™s delighted smile

It was plain for all to see:

My very presence lent great weight

To each role-played adventure.


I pictured Youngest in particular for this poem, as we were chatting about cafes at length the other day.Ā  However, Eldest is the one who is more likely to barricade himself in places with the playroom accessories!

Do you remember building things with random soft furnishings?!Ā  I had great fun with my mumā€™s giant floor cushions, and the novelty footstool thatā€™s in the shape of a tortoise šŸ˜‰

This is more ‘ramp’ than ‘barricade’, but you get the idea…

Itā€™s funny how much comes back to make you smile, when you spend time in a kidā€™s world!




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