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Horrific news coming out of Las Vegas in the last 24 hours.  My heart hurts for all those affected, it just seems so senseless; so hard to explain.

I hope minds are changed once and for all about the availability of devices to make guns into automatic weapons, or guns in general, no matter how controversial that may be to say.

It is just not worth the human cost, in my opinion. 


Doll  Shocking  Crowd  Near  Voiceless  Succeed  Probable  Defiant  Collect


Past the bodies


Scattered; more than shocking –

A dispersed crowd,

Ambulances near,

Darkness on a voiceless stage.


And they succeed:

Again the probable

Becomes more so.



No longer defiant,

We try to collect our shattered thoughts

Around splintered lives

And walk on glass

While crunching numbers:




And the dead.



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