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I took the boys into school today, despite reading some awesome fiction from Twitter until about 2.20am 😉

The boys were not very cooperative, but I still managed to get to the gates before 8.50am.  Youngest was happy to see his friends and wandered off after hugging me, and Eldest seemed ok in his line as well.

I had a quick detour to buy Empire Biscuits in the shop and grabbed a wee blether with another mum I know, too.  Then it was Seether and Drowning Pool in the ears all the way home, while pushing the vacated buggy.  I was even complimented on my hair by a lovely lady just as I came to the park near our home! That was a surprise as its refresh is about two months overdue :-0

I did a bit of eating, Twitter tapping and housework, then headed back out to get Youngest around 11.20am, again listening to music.

  Youngest gave me a big smile from where he was sitting on the floor in his group, and presented me with a drawing of “me inside oo tummy, mummy!”.  It has become a bit of a theme recently, and his keyworker joked that maybe he wants me to have another baby!!  This is waaay out of the question (not my idea of a suitable 40th present!)  but Youngest is a bit obsessed.  Today’s picture was just of him floating about, but he likes to draw Eldest in there sometimes, too.  They are usually both in some stage of dancing! 

Last June, Eldest drew a picture of his c-section birth…with him in a breech position and everything!  It’s the expression on my face (not to mention his and the surgeon’s!) and the caption of “Ouch” that really sell it to me. 

I wonder if this (Mail Online) article is onto anything?!

I was admiring Youngest’s curls on the way home.  They really sit nicely sometimes.  He points out that one of his girl pals at nursery has curlier hair than him, but I still like taking pics of his 😉 look at the back ones!

After thinking about the boys’ drawings of my pregnancies, it amused me that ‘Vesta’ appeared as one of my words.  I had to look up ‘cowbird’ and ‘andante’. ‘Coiltie’ is usually split into two words, but is at the start of a few street names in Inverness spelt like this!  It wasn’t until I was about to start writing the poem that I realised I had ten words instead of nine?  Not sure what happened there, but I just went with it!






Cowbird  Precious  Vesta  Alps  Coiltie  Andante  Eggy  Freeze  Habit  Outside


She was the kind of tormentor

That had a cowbird flock around her

Hoping for precious pickings.

To hear her speak

I was akin to Vesta

(An exaulted position

Totally unintended on her part)


At least the boys were

A bit more…up front;

Pointing to me with stupid phrases like

“The Alps are looking good today!

I’d like to rest in that valley..”


Apparently, living in Coiltie Road

Was a euphemism.

Boys liked to walk andante

Past me, leering.


But, I’m not taking offence;

One day their faces will be eggy

And freeze in shock

As their jibes and nonsense

Won’t see me forced into a nun’s habit

But see me making millions

Lying outside swanky hotels

Modelling  luxurious beachwear.


I obviously have fans already…


I’m not too enamoured with the poem, but I do like the image of the hangers-on types around bullies being referred to as Cowbirds 😉

Hubby has managed to get home early tonight and is making the kids’ dinner, and we are going to have a chippie later, which I always look forward to.  I really thought I would be more tired than I am as I walked all the nine miles today and felt so yuck yesterday! I was obviously needing the fresh air.

I had to shut the window in Eldest’s room earlier, however, as a rather large wasp wandered in and was none too pleased at being asked to leave, with a paperback…summer’s coming!!

Hope you have a great evening, see you tomorrow!


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