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I looked at the words that came up today, and a pal I had at university sprang into my head at the combination of ‘drink’ and ‘thesis’.  Those were crazy days…

I really don’t know how I got much work done.  I think it must be a good thing I am so emetophobic – so know my limits and abide by them 😛 although why wasn’t I petrified every day at University?  Looking back there were soooo many situations I would just refuse to put myself in now!

I should get my alumni pass and visit the student union again.  It’d never ever everrrr be the same though, almost 14 years on (!!!) 


 I do like the look of the MA in Creative Writing from the OU, however…a challenge for my fifties, maybe?! 😛


Treat  Drink  Particular  Thesis  Spine  Name  Vertical  Moon  Tidy


We said, as a treat, we’d just have one more

(Her drink was slopping, as it was, on the floor)

That particular night, though quite dark and quite late,

Her thesis was flowing from her pen at some rate.

I ordered the vodkas, swaying in the line,

Wondering how her brain was working just fine,

As I watched her so lively, a rod in her spine;

Despite heavy rock music blaring all the time.

She downed, in a oner, the alcohol; then

Was spouting some psychologist’s name once again.

Though I was very drunk, I stayed vertical and

Most of her research I could still understand…

When at last we wend home by the light of the moon,

She had many sides covered of A4, and soon

(She declared) she’d be famous and keep us in booze –

As she made tidy sums, and with celebs did schmooze.



It was ridiculous the amount of time I spent on my social life at Uni.  I had people visit, lived with various house/flatmates, stayed up talking on the phone for hourrrrrrs, kipped over at my friends’ pads, tottered all night between the bar and dancefloor…little wonder I have all these characters in my head! 

It was a time in my life when I felt I was where I was meant to be.  It was the first educational establishment I had been to where it was just a given that you were a bit of a swot (when you weren’t partying) and that was cool. 

The drunken conversations were intellectual, even if a little unintelligible at times. 

People got your pop references, you know, the non-mainstream ones. 

It was allowed, even expected that you’d break a few rules.  I freaking loved university!!

But one day I had to make a choice whether I leapt into the big adult job I had been aiming for (teaching) or carried on being a bit of a bum in the huge wide world – where the safe givens of university were not always available.

I chose the latter, and it took me a while to find my tribe again.  But I’m getting there, and it’s a lot harder work being this incarnation of myself.

But when I think back to my time at uni, I realise that I’ve outgrown that skin.  I may return to further study at some point, but I’ll never be that free again…though I’m cool with that.  Part of this growing older thing is realising the journey was always leading to where you are standing right now, and that you are there for a reason.  Sometimes I get flashes of what that ultimate reason is, and when I do, it fills me with a sense of excitement and hope.  It is something as yet intangible, but I feel that this activity right here is a big link in the chain, and I thank you for joining me as I figure it all out.



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