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Hey there!

February already. I still have a few Christmas deccies kicking about.  How organised am I this year?! Only just under 11 months to go, after all…

The really scary thing is that I am still putting off thinking about the boys’ birthday parties (see here).  If I ignore the issue it’ll go away, right…? I have 8 weeks til youngest’s and 9 weeks til eldest’s.  Someone pass me a paper bag to breathe into, please…

[Ok, think about the random word poetry, woman]

I looked at the cheery set of words that came up today, and yet another news headline popped into my brain.


Poke   Attack   Curve   Uninterested   Pale   Depressed   Abrupt   Tent   Examine  

The chips sat, going cold in their poke,

Looking sadder than she felt,

In their vinegar pools.

Her eyes added salt, nonetheless.


It had been a cruel attack. No shame in it

To mourn the curve of that chair

Slamming into her eye;

In his uninterested glare.


Of course, against her pale skin, it bloomed large;

And he’d said he was sorry –

When he saw the purple –

But she wasn’t convinced, of course.


So here she was: ‘depressed’, alone, and abrupt

Daring anyone to walk

Up to her and comment;

Enter her tent of misery.


Under scrutiny, she might just let it slip:

How this was no ‘one off’ thing

No door whacking her head…

Leave now, do not examine it.


Purple prose

I use the Scottish meaning of ‘poke in the first line.  

I at first thought ‘uninterested’ was bad grammar, but it appears not, and is suitably chilling in the context of the poem. 

I have been reading a lot of posts recently, in a closed group on Facebook, about mothers being belittled and shamed for their bodies since bearing children; or of men wanting their marital bed to be as it was pre-kids, and using emotional blackmail/badgering to get what they want.  I always wonder, when I read such things, what the women are not saying when they post a phrase like “and other such bullying behaviour…”. 

Men are, in the main, physically stronger than women.  Women who have children are, in the main, easier to subdue  because they worry about the effect their not being compliant will have on the rest of the family.  This is not a good mix, and relaxing laws to provide more grey areas around where legal (or social) boundaries lie seems to me to be at best foolhardy.

Any thoughts you’d like to share on this in the comments?


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