Unforced Words – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 25

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Hello 😊

The prompt for today was a long and tangled one, with a poem from another poet to read/listen to and then a series of instructions…it was all lovely, inviting and full of angles I could get lost in given the time – but unfortunately I have three other inhabitants in the house constantly these days, and I need a lot of quiet to really get lost in anything!

So I took this part out of all the suggested writing-sparkers:

Seek the “unforced flow of words”

And I went with that, after reading (while listening to the poet’s rendition of) James Schuyler’s lengthy poem “Hymn to Life”. I thought about a Saturday being a day I didn’t have to be home schooling; about interactions that occur while doing other things; about natural repetition in speech and habits, and all the things Schuyler had touched upon. I didn’t structure my poem in any particular way, just wrote, but Schuyler’s enjambment seems to have filtered into it?


I don’t have to, but the bananas need eating

And it all counts as learning. Too bad your big brother disagrees.

There’s so many parts to each recipe with kids;

We lay it all out, but it’s still complex.


Your gorgeous little fingers, all so much bigger than they were;

How can you be 7 already? “Yes, that’s a perfect egg.

You’re right! No hint of shell before it’s beaten”.

I wish I could tell you, definitively,

Which parts are needed

For what purpose; keep it all straight in my head.

But you’re getting the gist really well.

Maybe this is what you’ll remember

From an ocean of time spent at home

In circumstances with more rules than usual.


Who knew your mum’s germaphobe leanings

Would become the norm so catastrophically?

That she’d be less chicken-headed

Than people would have thought?


“Yes, that stirring’s really good”. “I love the smell

Of sugar-and-butter, too. Watch I don’t burn you

As it pours…” Round and round we go.

Each spoon, season, speech.

“Sugar on the top makes it crunchy…

The crust is always the best part”


The smell of baking brings reluctant minds into focus,

A bad mood soothed by fruity fumes.

Bear-claw oven mitts are donned

And the ten year old seems less bananas as

A hot oven he braves.


I don’t know what magic Youngest performed with the ingredients this time around, but today’s was a pretty yummy batch of banana bread! I think it’s maybe because the last few loaves that I’ve made have been with bananas I’d taken out of the freezer? Defrosted bananas are NOT pleasant to look at, and also taste weird, in my opinion.

Youngest also insists on adding chocolate chips to most things 😉

Do you like banana bread? Have you been making any in lockdown? Have you a favourite recipe you swear by? Tell me in the comments!

Big hugs, stay safe, and I’ll meet you at Day 26!


Monty X



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