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Hey 🙂 

Ok, what the actual?!  I know it’s a Jimpix selection but…???

I Googled ‘Nottaway’ and found it to be a rock band who list their influences as Metallica, Korn and Seether (among others) which all appeals to me.  I listened to a couple of Nottaway’s tracks on YouTube, and they are not bad. 

The band formed in Louisiana, and their name is only one letter different to the plantation resort, which was frustrating at first!

‘Cronz’ didn’t throw much back, so I just decided it would be a surname.

Ultracrepidarian’ was a new one on me!! I thought it would mean ‘very broken or old’ but it doesn’t…which made it a bit tricky to incorporate!!


Nottaway  Chelsea  Northern  Berlin  Wrestler Cronz  Mouse  Ultradecrepidarian  Special


“Nottaway” he replied;

“A rock band from Louisiana,

Not to be confused with the plantation

In those parts.”


I was half asleep and

Half way to Chelsea;

Hoping for the northern chill

To be shaken from my bones.


The other guy had been in Berlin –

Flown into Edinburgh

Just the night before:

“…and there was this wrestler guy,

Cronz or something,

Built like a Rhino

But spoke with this squeak

Like some tiny mouse.”


A laugh, more derogatory guff,

Like he was competing to appear

In a “ultracrepidarian special”

On some failing network’s list.


I expelled him and other voices,

Turned up the white noise,

And slept like a child.



Not the most exciting poem ever, but it tells a wee story and paints a little scene. 

I was trying to get my phone to show its white noise button for the page pic, but it refused; so I found this one online instead.  I love that you can manipulate the sliders!!  I put the green ones up and felt like I was in a car travelling through the rain…

What noises put you to sleep?




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6 Responses to “Ultracrepidarian”

  1. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    I love the poem. 🙂 I liked that it was a little scene with dialogue. Interesting words they gave you.

    I have to sleep with soft music on. 🙂

  2. Montaffera Says:

    👋 lovely, thanks for stopping by!! Thank you, and soft music must be soothing xxx

  3. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    I had to get out of Twitter land. It was all too much and my health isn’t good. I will try to get you my email address somehow. I’ll still be able to know when you blog so that’s all that matters really. 🙂

  4. Montaffera Says:

    Aww big hugs hun, PM my FB page? I’m @ComfyRestless on Facebook X

  5. PrettyKoolDame Says:

    I had my husband send along my email because I don’t have a FB 🙂

  6. Montaffera Says:

    Cool 😊 x

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