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How do?!

I got the kubes out again!  This time I decided to try for Tetractys poetry.

This is what I rolled (61 kubes):

Kube roll results


I got straight into the creating after that, and actually forgot about the topic kubes!  Here’s my first poem (I put the amount of syllables that are supposed to be in each line, in grey):


(1)    Sweet

(2)    Baby;

(3)    Our gorgeous,

(4)    Friendly marvel:

(10) Your glorious, smooth, sleeping hand opens…


As Hubby says, that is the most poetic one of the evening 😉

My second attempt made use of a few blank kube faces and I wondered what the background to the scene was:

(1)    A

(2)    Doctor

(3)    Behind me

(4)    Quickly sang through

(10) A mouthful of noodle, but then was killed.


So were there musical-demanding terrorists in a hospital near Chinatown?  An alien on the rampage, that can be cowed by a tune? Hmmmm…

I got a third Tetractys together, too:


(1)    Fire,

(2)    Wind, time…

(3)    Flock yelled its

(4)    Simple grace to

(10) Have nerve – fantasy threw down its lame charm.


There are a few words left for tomorrow, but they are not very exciting, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with them.  Here is a pic of all the poems and remnants on my table when I’d finished:

all tetractys


See you tomorrow!



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