Translosten – #NaPoWriMo20 – Day 21

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Hey there 😊


The prompt for Day 21 was to:

Find a poem in a language that you don’t know, and perform a “homophonic translation” on it. What does that mean? Well, it means to try to translate the poem simply based on how it sounds.

The first (Hungarian) poem was from here and it does have the translation in English if you scroll down, too, but I didn’t look at that until after I had written my version. They differ quite a bit…! No idea what mine’s about!

The second (swedish) poem is from here and it has the real translation right next to it…but I like mine better 😉


Szeretlek, szeretlek, szeretlek,

Secretly, stealthily, stealthily,

egész nap kutatlak, kereslek,

egress from catastrophe, carefully

egész nap sírok a testedért,

egress from such a test

szomorú kedves a kedvesért,

sleeping knives and stabbers,

egész nap csókolom testedet,

egress from catastrophic tests

csókolom minden percedet.

catastrophic minds proceed.



Minden percedet csókolom,

Minds proceed to catastrophe,

nem múlik ízed az ajkamon,

their milk used as medicine

csókolom a földet, ahol jársz,

catastrophe unfolded, every year

csókolom a percet, mikor vársz,

catastrophe a percentage, minor variations

messziről kutatlak, kereslek,

messy, cutting , careless

szeretlek, szeretlek, szeretlek.

stealthily, stealthily, stealthily.



Hon vet

The vet

vem som får

took it too far

slå henne

with my hen.





har mer

he got




I like this kind of prompt, I do think I have done a similar one before…

Big hugs, stay safe, and I’ll meet you for Day 22’s prompt!


Monty X


[Pics are here and here]

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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Very, very good! I love it!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww thanks <3

  3. Jane Wright Says:

    A nice piece of fun

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