Torrent From A Tearoom – #NaPoWriMo19 – 10

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Hey there 🙂


The Global/National Poetry Writing Month site said:

“Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon.

I put my fingers to the keyboard and came up with:


The sky was going at it

Hammer and tongs:

New kittens and puppies

Bouncing everywhere –

Clouds cracked open.


An early gloaming

Rolled in

Turning the streets otherworldly.


The wind whipped up

Blowing poor Gail

From the post office into the sanctuary of the tearoom;

Where we three sat hugging mugs,

Our sympathy already brewed.


Anyone else suddenly craving a cuppa?!

As the NaPoWriMo site also says, I am now a third of the way through this challenge!  I’m enjoying it so far, though the prompts are making me think hard sometimes.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…?


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2 Responses to “Torrent From A Tearoom – #NaPoWriMo19 – 10”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Can imagine it raining Puppies and Kittens while the wind whipping folks off their feet.
    Thank you for another great Poem.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    You’re welcome, Sandy 😘 thank you for reading and being so supportive! 🤗 X

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