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Good Evening 🙂


Two days ago, there was a bit of drama to spice up our morning.

It was a Wednesday, and only the second day that Eldest was braving school, after him having that horrible bug over the Easter break, and plummeting to under three stone.  As hubby does not usually work from home on a Wednesday, and Eldest is still a bit weak to be expecting him to walk three miles in one day, I had arranged for the lovely Grandmother of one of Eldest’s pals to pick him up at 8.40am. I was going to power down to the school with Youngest, and catch Eldest before the bell went – to give him the obligatory squish and flash the ‘I love you’ sign at him as he went into his class (he is not at the stage where this is embarrassing yet.  He gets sad if I am not there to do this, or I leave early.  I really relish this!).  Youngest’s nursery is usually ok with kids occasionally coming in a little after nine, so Youngest could wave too.

On his first day back, we had warned Eldest not to run around at break time, and had gone over and over how he was going to manage to eat enough as his body is still recovering, etc etc.  He still succeeded in skinning his knee, side and wrist as he tripped on a rock; despite just walking about the playground. 

So on Wednesday I repeatedly asked our boys to stop wrestling in the playroom, and to find a much less taxing pursuit: so energy and injury levels could remain within my stress threshold.  The boys would look like they were going to comply, then go back to mucking about.  Hubby left for work, we waved him off from our livingroom window, then I proceeded to zoom about trying to get the pushchair ready and have outdoor gear laid out and so forth, while again extolling the benefits of gentle play (to no avail). 

It was about 8.10am, and I was upstairs, when the wail came to my ears.

I went down in a hurry, and was met by Eldest with blood all over his hands and mouth; and Youngest in explanation mode.  I quickly directed Eldest off the livingroom carpet, and through to the playroom’s W.C., collecting kitchen roll on the way, and praising Eldest all the while for not wiping his mouth/hands all over his school jumper.  Eldest was (slurring a little and) assuring Youngest that it wasn’t his fault, but Youngest was actually finding it all quite thrilling.

It turns out that my boys were bopping each other with their ‘knocky sticks’ (long blue pool noodles we got from a pound shop – see above Youngest’s dot to dots) and Youngest had whacked Eldest’s wobbly tooth on the top left.  Cue a gore fest.  It was pretty impressive, but we only had half an hour to sort the damn dentistry out and get the boys in their respective vehicles!!

Do you remember having wobbly teeth?  You know that stage where it’s still attached but needs you to help its exit cos you’ll end up swallowing it or something?!  Yeah…again it was pretty gross.  I gave directions for the best twiddling technique, mopped up the resulting blood and then cleaned and showed off the prize.  I also took yucky progress pictures for daddy, and sent them via Facebook messenger, egged on by my children.  I am such a boy mummy…you’ll notice I’ve not shared them with you, however 😉

I was quite proud, all that was done and dusted within 10 minutes!

This was Eldest’s third tooth to fall out, a day shy of a year since the first one, strangely enough.  His bottom two front teeth are now adult ones, so he looks a bit funny, like he’s just blacked one out at the top.

There was a tradition started with the first tooth, where Eldest asked for an animal instead of coins.  I was quite disappointed (tinged with relief) that he didn’t want anything other than money for this third one.

A year ago, I was chatting to Eldest, and he mentioned that he wanted the fairy to bring him an Elephant instead of the money that he’d heard his friends were looking forward to.  This was quite easily achieved, as I had bought a pack of plastic animals from Tesco that he hadn’t seen yet, and there was a nice Elephant in there 😉  I had to hold back tears the next morning, because he was overjoyed to find a pound in coins and an Elephant inside the envelope-close of his pillow (muuuuch easier place to slip in and out of undetected…) and immediately said to Youngest that he could share it!  But even more gorgeous than that: when Youngest said Eldest could have it all to himself because it was only fair as it was Eldest’s tooth, Eldest went into Youngest’s room and put the coins under his brother’s pillow for later…!

The second tooth was trickier, as Eldest was undecided about which creature he wanted.  On the night the tooth fell out, he plumped for a giraffe. I had one in the same pack of animals as before, but Youngest had seen it and was pretty fond of it…

I can crochet quite fast, so started Googling a quick amigurumi-type giraffe project, but didn’t find any easy ones I liked.  I then realised I had ‘giraffy’ material in my stash, so could maybe attempt a sewing project.

I am not good at sewing.  It did not go well.

I got a fab template from here and did the cutting out ok, but after sewing the right sides together, I fluffed the turning it the right way out 🙁

I then decided to cut the pieces out from felt and go for the visible stitch approach as the template suggested.  It went much better, and Eldest still loves it, though it is barely holding together now!  Youngest is considering asking for a giraffe when his first tooth comes out.  I will probably loose the fab giraffe-print felt I’ve bought, by the time he’s six…



So this time around, Eldest got a shiny new pound coin, and was over the moon because it was double what he asked for 😉 I do love my boys!!  Sorry about the blurry pic.

Do you have toothfairy traditions in your household?  Please tell me about them in the comments!




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