Toothfairy Tales Chapter 2: Rab

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This post follows on from this one, and documents Eldest’s fourth tooth…celebration 😉

As outlined yesterday, the boys were messing about on Sunday morning, and ended up facilitating his right top front tooth’s departure.  Luckily they didn’t lose it under my bed (!) and we were able to wrap it up in toilet paper and stash it.

Eldest decided that he did want a toy from the tooth fairy this time (he had asked for ‘just money’ for his third tooth, last month) and plumped for ‘a bunny’.  His favourite colour is orange, so we settled on one reminiscent of Irn Bru.  As this is a Scottish drink, Hubby quipped that we should call the toy ‘Rab’ – which is a touch of genius on so many levels!!

I made Eldest voice his request loudly a few times, so that the fairy could hear,  both when we’d hit upon the idea in the car, and at home in his bedroom.  I also warned him that it was very short notice for a fairy to make him a bunny to his exacting specifications, and she may take a few days to get it to him and write him a note for the morning – or might just substitute with a brown bunny that she had in stock; so he wasn’t to be too disappointed if this was the case.  He nodded solemnly and I hugged him.  I needed some breathing room should the make go horribly wrong – plus I knew he’d be extra delighted if I managed to get it to him that night!!

So I set to work.  I have made the pattern before when Eldest was two, just with thicker yarn and a larger hook.  The designer is very good at setting out everything you need, so I was pretty sure I could make a decent attempt.  I picked out a nice yellow bit of scrap yarn as a stitch marker, too; which you may be able to see in some of the pics!

Hubby stayed near the boys downstairs while they had a bit of screentime with the tablet and played with their toys. I moved a basket for our dirty laundry in front of my bedroom door as an extra measure. That sucker is always full and heavy, so would give me time to hide all the crafty evidence before one of the boys got to me… 😉

The ears were a bit fiddly, and as I crochet with my right hand instead of my left I had to really think about where my stitches were going on the next round so I didn’t trap the ears inside my work (!), but everything went pretty much ok until I got to the feet. 

I had a flashback at this point, remembering that I managed to end up with the wrong number of stitches and made the back feet of Eldest’s bigger bunny rather squint!  Sure enough, after the popcorn stitches for the front feet, I somehow lost my way again, and (being a lazy soul) I decided to just position the back feet ‘by eye’ which did not turn out too badly. It’s to do with my maths over the popcorn stitches, I can’t seem to look at them and realise that the amount of stitches they are made over should stay the same in the next round.  Or something.  Anyway, the fault is not with the pattern 😉

I managed to get the rabbit to the stuffing stage before dinner (so in under an hour from where I started) but then had the bright idea of putting in the tiny orangey-red safety eyes that had been kicking about my crafty pencil case, because I hate sewing and was scared I’d mess the bunny up.  Cue lots of internal expletives as I tried to position them, work my fingers through a tiny bunny body to turn it part way inside out, then pop metal backs on the carefully positioned eyes without unintentionally pinging them across the room, which took ten minutes by itself…I never make crafting easy!!

After dinner I made the tail and sewed on the teeth.  Then cut them off, and sewed some more teeth! I also carefully attached the tail and managed to hide most of the stitches, which is not easy for me when I am sewing two such contrasting colours together!

Finally, wee ‘Rab’ was finished! Even with my damn faffing, it must have taken me under two hours to make?

I wrapped him in toilet paper, along with one pound in change, and tucked the resulting parcel into the opening of Eldest’s pillow later on Sunday evening; being careful to remember to take the tooth out of there, first!

Eldest woke me up on Monday morning, and unravelled his spoils before my eyes.  “I LOVE IT!!” he exclaimed, and suddenly all was right with my (rather bleary) world 😉 

Youngest stumbled through for his morning cuddle, took a long look at the rabbit, and said “Oh! He looks like Skeeky Mouse!  He da same s’ape!” (Squeaky Mouse was what Youngest asked for from Santa…).  This prompted Eldest to try and squeak his rabbit, and Youngest to go off to get his mouse to compare. It was decided that although they looked similar, Rab was smaller and was probably too small so have a squeaker in him (he was, I tried!).  Both boys agreed that they were going to ask for a version of each other’s toy from Santa this year, however.  I think I’m going to be busy in December…

The toys joined them for breakfast, and the money made its way into Eldest’s tin afterwards.  Eldest took Rab back upstairs and introduced him to the huge bunny (called ‘Bunny’) that Hubby was given by his workmates when Eldest was born.  Bunny is now Rab’s mummy.  Bunny looks pretty happy about this, it must be said.

Eldest cuddled Rab all through the chapter of the Famous Five that I read the kids on Monday night, too.  He put Rab in his PJs’ top pocket, and was still cuddling an assortment of toys when I went to check on him around 9.30pm, so I took a picture before it got too dark.

I am so pleased that Eldest gets so much pleasure from the wee Toothfairy gifts he is ‘brought’.  I just hope we can keep the magic going until Youngest starts losing his teeth…



[Squeaky Mouse’s pattern is from here, apparently put up on Eldest’s fourth birthday!]


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