Too Much (#NaPoWriMo Day 16)

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Hiya 🙂


Prompt: a poem that prominently features the idea of play.




A little freedom is a dangerous thing.


As sweet faces are kissed

And waved into rooms

Full of toys,

A hunger grows in me

For the dizzying array of opportunities

Crowding ‘round the gate.


There are buses into town!

(I could leave my phone on one, then

Take out all my money

And hop the next train (and the next) )


Or set up a life

As someone else,

Not far from here.

Deny I was me

If anyone asked.


My hair might look good green.


(Can one get a tattoo

At short notice…?)


“Nope, definitely not her…”


Joining a gym might be nice.

Or getting my ears pierced again…


I hear volunteers are wanted

For that shelter down the road.


Or should I just order a hot-tub

To arrive tomorrow?

The sun’s meant to shine…


Luckily: the kids are soon collected.


Folly averted – for another day.



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