Too Fooled For School – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 23

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Hey 🙂

Did you miss me?! Day 23 dawned and this was the prompt on the NaPoWriMo site:

“Start off by reading Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s “Lockdown Garden.” Now, try to write a poem of your own that has multiple numbered sections. Attempt to have each section be in dialogue with the others, like a song where a different person sings each verse, giving a different point of view. Set the poem in a specific place that you used to spend a lot of time in, but don’t spend time in anymore.” [from here]

I decided to go with a narrator’s voice following the ‘main character’, then interspersed that with two other characters.  You can see if it works:



A crisp packet curls,

Carefully caressing the current.


Despite the classroom confines

Of cool computation,

this curious character

contemplates the curve

of tree-congested scenery;

While conjuring the courageous

Casting of a climbing cord –

And her absconding.



Here we go again

Why do I bother?!

There’s Donny’s stupid “mordez” chant again

(What does that even MEAN?)

I really need him to knuckle down.

I know he’s a nice kid and everything

But geez…

And if Duncan whacks that chair off the back wall once more, I freaking SWEAR!!

Honestly, he thinks he can get off with murder cos of that stupid kiss-curl.

[Yeah, yeah Superman, whatever you think…]

Annnd there she is, little Miss Daydream –

She REALLY needs to pull her socks up!

Can’t tear her eyes away from the window –

I really should move her,

I’m not convinced she can even see the board properly from there, anyway?

But if I swap her with Duncan she’ll have to sit behind Trisha

And Trisha can be mean

(Who’d want to breathe in all that Impulse O2 cloud, anyway?!)

And if I put her down the front she’ll have to sit in with all the boys

And they’ll distract her.

And I learned my lesson sitting her next to Lesley –

Oooooh –

Those two can chat for the whole British Isles!

She seems happy enough, I suppose.

She always hands in all her work

After she finishes it at home.

I’ll just mention how unfocused she always is to her mum on Thursday,

I think she’s one of the ones who’s got a slot with me…?



A packed lunch in a playground

Where the kids are much too ‘cool’

Is never any fun at all:

Better to leave the school.

A swing park after midday

Is this people-watcher’s dream,

As the teenagers take over

Spinning fast – the girls scream.

Autumnal leaves are coming,

But the warmth’s still in the sun;

And, though she’s slunk from all her friends,

This feels so free and fun.



“Hiv ye seen it?”

“Oh my God all on her no pals again?!”

“Ah ken, got tae sit starin’ at us a’… D’ye hink she fancies one ae us…?”

“God, I hope it’s no me!”

“Or me!  Mibby it’s one o’ the lassies…! HIE! 4-EYED BLONDIE! WAN’ A PITCHER?”

“Ooft look at the rid neck!”


“Dinnae go gettin’ her hopes up, mind!!”

“Nae bo’er mate, if she’s gein it oot fur free ah’m achully no that fussy.  She’d prob’ly look nae bad if she ran a brush o’er that heid and ditched the glaesis.”

“That right, aye?!”

“Shut it!  Ah’m just sayin’…”

“Too late anyway, she’s leavin’, that’s the bell”

“Ah hink I’m done fur the day, like”

“You no’ in enough trouble, mate?”

“Nah, you run along, ah’ll just stoat aboot here.  Cannae be faffed wi’ any mare o’ that writin’ bollocks…”



Their cat-calls and verbal volleys

Penetrate poetic pores,

(Sotto serpent’s rants/repeats

Lancing creative core).


Yup, wouldn’t go back to High School if you paid me – luckily they knocked mine down so I can’t 😉

See you soon for Day 24!


Monty X

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