Time For A Cold One?

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It’s a Jimpix day, and it only threw one word at me that I didn’t know: ‘Unalakleet’.  With that being a place in Alaska, I decided that there would have to be a ‘Ben’ before ‘Nevis’ to keep with the cold theme!  This was a perfect opportunity to include ice climbing 😉

All I needed to do after that was fit in the other words…







Stack  Naughty  Hooch  Threatened  Butler  Spices  Nevis  Unalakleet  Charcoal


We had a stack of laundry,

Twenty bills to pay,

And a ton of essays

We could have been getting on with;

So we scored extra ‘naughty points’

For sunning ourselves

On the campus steps,

Ever so slightly tipsy on Hooch.


Our over-threatened friend

Perched his glasses on his nose,

Engaged his best ‘butler voice’;

And tried to make us see sense.

But we were too far gone:

Full of alcohol and spices,

Knowing our youth

Still spread before us, writ large.


My gorgeous boyfriend, almost asleep –

Dreaming of ice climbing on Ben Nevis

Or the Gold Coast Award at Unalakleet –

Still content to turn charcoal eyes to the sun.


**I will add my poetry pic later, my new laptop keeps kicking me out of it, corrupting my files and losing stuff, so it’s been a stressful evening…**



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