Through Legal Chaos

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Hiya 🙂


To my dismay, I again was not able to get to work for me.  I did stumble across, however, and gave it a spin.  Not only did it come up with nine words for me, it also gave me the definitions…but unfortunately they don’t come out too well in a screenshot!

I looked up all the words I wanted to, anyway, because as I said yesterday: it’s part of my process.  So here goes *drumroll*:

A ‘Cooper‘ is someone who makes or fixes barrels; ‘ad interim‘ means something is temporary; ‘differentiae‘ is the plural of ‘differentia’ which means a trait which distinguishes one thing from another. 

A ‘Lemur‘ is a nocturnal primate found on Madagascar; ‘enthean‘ means divinely inspired; ‘Pentagraphical‘ refers to a pantograph, which is a device for copying maps, and the ‘Sapindus‘ is a type of trees and shrubs that produce seeds commonly known as soapnuts, which can be used to wash one’s clothes…

Phew!  Some selection, huh?!

So I wrote about an esteemed lawyer.  Naturally…



Tarnishing  Cooper  Ad Interim  Differentiae Lemur  Enthean  Pentagraphical  Sapindus  Chaos


You were good at tarnishing reputations,

No Cooper a match

For the barrels you manufactured –

Flailing wrongdoers

Begged for mercy.


That ad interim smile from you, as they squirmed:

The evidence mounting,

Differentiae obvious

But still each the same

In your jaded world view.


Lemur-like fingers grasped damning papers:

Your enthean nose

Could map their movements

With pentagraphical precision.


Like a generous Sapindus,

You showed them the fruits

Of your nocturnal labours;

And gave them the chance

To come clean.


Although it cost you your health

And marriage,

I am proud that I had you

To guide me through legal chaos.




*executes fist pump*

*lies down, exhausted*



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    What a challenge! Well done for cracking it in such an interesting way. And you are becoming a champion wordsmith!

  2. Montaffera Says:

    💪 😃 thanks! X

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