The Trick Is…To Keep Thinking

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Hey there 🙂



I felt like this Jimpix selection took a little more ‘cobbling’ than usual to give me a poem!!  Maybe I should just present you with what I came up with and see what you make of it, before I colour your view by telling you how I did it…?


Evaporate  Blaze  Erosion  Galloway  Competing  Menorah  Cheshire  Draconian  Beel


As I felt the will to create


I took a packed train

To blaze a trail

Through the erosion of my wits.


I stuck with Galloway:

Kept breathing through the voices

Competing for dominance

In every carriage –

Channelled the menorah within:

My attention branching,

All wicks getting low…


But the golden buds were forming

Even as I read.


I’ll shine

From the highest point in Cheshire

After traversing rough terrain

In Draconian weather.


I will then face the heat,

Stir up some beel –

From still waters

Cultivate a crop worth harvesting.




Well, here are mine:

One of my favourite authors is Janice Galloway, so when I saw her surname come up, I knew she had to feature somewhere!  Her best-known novel (see picture) is also one that I focussed on in my university dissertation, so I refer to that in the poem, too 😉

The origins of ‘menorah’ are described in a Wikipedia entry, and it goes into detail about how Moses was instructed to fashion the first one; so I borrowed some of that imagery.

Moses was told about this lamp construction while on a mountain.  The highest peak in Cheshire is called Shining Tor, which went well with the light theme 😉

The above link says there is ‘mixed terrain’ on the mountain walk, so I modified this and threw in some bad weather to use ‘draconian’

I read about where a ‘beel’ could be found, thought about the climate and how it could fit into my theme, then made use of the information I had gleaned about rice-growing in Bangladesh.

Hopefully, all these images meld together ok, to leave you with a poem about: feeling creatively drained by my situation; travelling to Cheshire (the ‘train’ representing both my thoughts and the actual mode of transportation); finding inspiration in Galloway’s words and feeling that sprout into other creative thoughts; then wrestling with my depressive tendencies and writers’ block etc, to finally come out on top, face new challenges, and present the world with fresh work and renewed faith in my writing… 😛


Three days to go until the next Jimpix workout 😉


P.S – am I the only one who has ‘Walking in Memphis’ (Cher’s version) stuck in her head since reading ‘beel’?!

P.P.S – I love that the link for ‘draconian’ also has an option to explore other words that had their first known use in the same year! (‘Buckshot’ and ‘Clotheshorse’ are two, if you’re interested)



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    That is a very, very interesting poem, giving lots of food for thought. Well done.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thank you Jane 😃 tested my noggin a bit!

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