The Sphinx – #NaPoWriMo22 – Day 5

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Hiya 😊


Again my brain kinda took off on a tangent with this prompt, and I just let it:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about a mythical person or creature doing something unusual – or at least something that seems unusual in relation to that person/creature. [From]

I love Unicorns, and my mum is really into dragons, but I decided to choose a less obvious creature for my poem. Half woman, half lion seems an interesting mix, after all 😉




All logic-d out

(And dying to pee)

The Sphinx just retreated

And didn’t eat me.

I thought this was strange,

Not what one would expect,

So (impulsively)

I followed, with respect.

Poor old Sphinxy

Just sat in her stall,

Head in her paws

And then started to bawl:

A mournful old sound

that was whimpers and growls,

And some muffled snarling

Into paper towels.

“Oh dear!” she wailed

To herself (and to me)

“I ate him all up,

Now I can’t have my tea!

I’ve such a bad temper

I wish I would think

Through all consequences –

Not act in a blink.

I can’t go on living

As rashly as this!

He’d promised to wed me

And keep me in bliss!

I’d picked out the dress,

And my shoes, and my veil!

My mother will nag

When I tell her this tale…”


Sculpture, Sphinx, Naturtheater, Schwetzingen, Statue

She opened the cubicle

(Straightened and flushed)

Washed off the blood splats

Turned to me: blushed.

“Could you not mention this

To anyone?

I don’t want to seem like

My evil’s not fun.

Then there’ll be pitchforks,

And baying for blood,

And that’s so medieval, y’know?

Thank you, bud”

It felt pretty weird, fist-bumping a Sphinx;

Her rep says she’s really a dangerous minx.

But anyway, yeah, I survived her that day – 

And she still looked quite sad, as she sashayed away…


For some reason I see most of the above action taking place in the communal loos from the TV show Ally McBeal

Onwards to Day 6!

Monty X

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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I’m glad I never met such a being!

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