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Ooops! Spot the not-in-any-way-deliberate mistake when screenshotting this little lot!!

I looked at the first four words and was praying this was going to be an easy task, because I am so full of lurgy I feel my eyeballs might pop. Urrrgh.  The menfolk have whacked me with the man flu  stick, it seems.  My tum is roiling and my nose is leaking…you get the picture.

(If you look at the hash I made of my screenshot, which I’ve only just noticed and now can’t fix, you’ll also see I’m not kidding)


Hubby was working from home today and I was propped up in our eldest’s swivel chair, trying to get my swimming braincells around how someone could give a presentation about a basket in a bathroom that got welfare interested.

So I wrote this:


Mature   Professor   Speaker   Presentation   Length   Basket   Bathroom   Welfare   Interest

Although he was a rather

Mature professor, his gig

As the featured keynote speaker

Saw him leap about the stage.


Plumping for a headset

To conduct his presentation,

His enthusiasm meant we weren’t

Thinking of his speech’s length.


There was even a live snake

That uncoiled from a small basket,

Mesmerising us all; though some

Saw fit to take a bathroom break.


With no thought for their welfare,

Once the spectacle was over,

A few surged forward with interest;

Scales were touched, questions asked, and then…


The professor packed away

All his notes and serpent dealings;

Closed the lid on being cool and

Wandered quietly away.


Snotty scribbles (just kidding, I used a pink pen)

I surprised myself, and I think it works ok for a first draft, despite the repetition of ‘away’ in the last verse 😉

Our youngest had made me promise before I left him today that if I was writing a poem while he was at nursery, I’d write it about him if the word ‘snake’ came up.  He loves drawing snakes as “scwibbles are snakes, so I dust dw-aw scwibbles”.

The word may not have come up, but he gave me the perfect idea for what to do with that dratted basket!!

How would you have manipulated these words?  I’d love to hear about it!

*Waves, then wanders off to find more handkies*




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