The Present

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I was a bit bummed by what the generator offered today, so sat and thought about all the different meanings of ‘present’, ‘statement’ and ‘event’ – then managed to come up with a wee story that


meshed together ok in my remaining minutes. 

I actually wrote the first verse and then realised that ‘colorful’ (*again, spelt the UK way in the poem) and ‘unpack’ were set up nicely once I got to them. 

Go me! 😉


Subsequent   Present   Second-hand   Afternoon   Statement   Productive   Event   Colourful*  Unpack

“All subsequent words

Are not worth repeating”

She finished, staring down

At the present before her.


I was hearing the story

Second-hand, but still

It was charged with

Violent regret.


I felt for the protagonist:

Left standing in a police station

On what started as an ordinary afternoon

(Now damning prose and statement)


But it did not seem productive

To mull over and over

Such a harrowing event

(With hinted-at colourful language)


Instead, I reached over our coffee mugs,

Still steaming through our words,

Reminded my lady to open the box;

Hoping she’d unpack our shared future.


I used the word over too many times in the last two verses, and my lady kinda bugs me…but I am quite chuffed with what my time produced.

poetic scrawl

Which nuances, of which words, would you have used? How would your story have unfolded?

Chat to me about it in the comments 😉










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