The Penalty

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How are we all doing this evening?

I am not at all sure of the backstory for

today’s poem.  It’s a woman talking in my head, though.  It would appear she has some issues with her companion…! 

My muse/subconscious wrote it while the kids made so much noise all the way through my 15 minute window (they were having an argument – hubby was mediating) that I couldn’t think!



Print   Meet   Remark   Trial   Justify   Cucumber   Penalty   Audience   Slide 

The pungent print on my fingers

As they meet multiple numbers;

I am looking for a name I’ll maybe use.


I hear you remark, reminiscing of a time

When this writing was not a tiring trial,

But a jaunt I didn’t need to justify.


I look over at your plate and see

The sandwich, cuts of cucumber, and

Suddenly feel rage, as you stare over my shoulder.


The penalty you celebrate seems petty somehow,

And I blank out all the audience around us;

Stand up slowly. 


Voice a-quivering, I want to stop the slither,

But I slide into infinities

Of abusive, half-thought words.


Garbled green

I wrote it in a different line pattern than I have settled on above (see my notebook page), and I have also tweaked the punctuation accordingly. I have left the words as they were written in the 15 minutes, however. 

I actually like this poem, the alliteration appeals. 

Hubby said “I don’t know what it means either, but it’s definitely poetic”  😉

What do you think is going on with the characters?  Answers in a comment, please!





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