The Noodle Marvel Pt.2

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Hiya 😉

I continued with yesterday’s story.  Again I rolled 5 kubes to get words that I had to include in today’s instalment, then set my 20 mins and got to work:

Second installment kube roll on 'spring' fabric


Words I rolled:  Finger    A    Realize   Torture   For

The ice cream wasn’t remedy enough for a sore finger, apparently.

“It’s weely sore!”  Myla complained “you’re a bad mummy for makin’ me do sumfin so dane-ja-wus!  I am NOT going ANY MORE!!”  The arms got crossed and everything.

“C’mon baby!” I said, in my sing-song voice, “you liked splashing your feet and getting to meet the other kids.”

“Didn’t!!” Myla frowned “I alwedy know Amy, she can show me the udder peetles.  That man was stoopid.”

I hadn’t stopped and thought about all of this properly.  If I’d begun to realize how much she’d torture me for making her learn to swim, I’d have probably just let her be a couch potato.  Like me. But I’d paid for the lesson-block now…

“You know that learning to swim gives you a superpower though, yeah?”

Myla sighed, and gave me a long-suffering look. (Do they teach them that at nursery?!)

“I’m not joking, Myla.  You can save people’s life if you know how to swim!”

“Shhhh, I’m trying to eat, Mummy.I know superheroes don’t swim with babies.  It’s not NICE to lie.  I’m NOT going ANY more.”

I sighed.  “There were no babies in that pool today!”

“Yes there was!  Rachel’s little bruva was there.  He has a nappy on!”

“He’s three…”

Myla gave me ‘the face’ again.  “I KNOW that!  But he only dust GOT three!  He was two the udder day!”

“His birthday was…” I thought back “4 months ago, Myla.”

“I KNOW, so he’s a BABY!”

I gave up and cleared away her (now empty) bowl.  “You’ll learn to swim and start loving it. You’ll soon be the best there”

“I’m going away now” said Myla “you hurt my finger super lots when you lie, mummy.”


She’s a handful, isn’t she?!

Be sure to come back tomorrow and see if I’ll roll tantrums or tranquillity for these characters with my kubes 😉



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